ABOUT Art-itecture Design

Monique Penney

Owner, Entrepreneur & Designer

I am a multi passionate, creative professional.


As an evolving society; trends, the economy and technology are always changing. Subsequently, it becomes easier for us to explore a multitude of passions. For example: I discovered architecture after I became a surfboard designer and shaper. I discovered entrepreneurship after becoming a Designer. I discovered event planning after operating and owning an artisan company.  I am passionate about creativity - in all its forms.

Art-itecture Design is a culmination of various types of creative artistic design with the intent of keeping the impact on the planet as "light" as possible. 

"Touch the earth lightly" is a lesson that I carried with me since my first week in architecture school.  It is the motto of Australian Architect Glenn Murcutt, who has had a formative influence on my design career. For Murcutt, architecture involves "solving the problem beautifully" through organic architecture focusing on relationships to nature. Glenn Murcutt is internationally renowned for his sensitivity to place and he designs buildings that fit into the Australian landscape features. His buildings do not impact the landscape, rather they harness it and become part of it.


What "touch the earth lightly" means for me and my design practice is a responsibility to create designs that are greener options for our planet. I am a child of the ocean and I am passionate about reducing waste, both single use and construction materials that end up in our oceans and landfills. Working at architecture firms has given me a glimpse on how impactful design and construction truly are on our planet. As a designer and an entrepreneur my intention is to mitigate this impact in my designs.

Living by the sea and now in the Rocky Mountains has further fueled the passion I have for our environment. Every little bit helps and when sustainable options are available I make it a priority to choose the greener method in my designs. This is something we will do our best to achieve with every creation realized through our Design practice.

When I was in architecture school, one of our first assignments was to write a "Manifesto". Given that I was barely a week into my design career I thought this was a rather interesting request for us to declare our intentions already within the field. My Manifesto was entitled "The Travelling Designer". At the time I wrote that Manifesto, my passion was found in the places I had never been, the places I longed to be and the places where I wanted to learn. I craved being constantly out of my element - because that is where I found myself most challenged and could tangibly measure my success.


Today as I reflect on that Manifesto I think that pragmatically the idea of being a travelling designer is unique in that you are constantly embracing change and the unknown. One of my favorite things in creative design is implementing custom work. I embrace change and the lessons that we can learn by taking a unique or different approach. I don't play it safe, I want to push the boundaries and I want to continue to learn with every single project. Growth and constant evolution are key to my practice.

If you'd like to hear more about my design company or share some thoughts please feel free to get in touch.

Together, let's create and build a unique design narrative and do the best we can to touch this earth lightly.


Monique Penney

Owner, Entrepreneur & Designer

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